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Each area that they reach is a bonus round and it starts from Hobbit ton and ends at Amen Hen. This is the last place which the fellowship reaches. Players will have to constantly play the game to increase the amount of miles so that they can unlock the bonus round feature. The bonus rounds are in sync with the story line from the film as the players will have to start from Hobbit ton and make their way past the Ring Wraiths in the Prancing Pony, to the house of the Elves in Riven dell, battling the Ballroom in the Mine of Moira and fight the menacing Urumqi Ha at Amen Hen. Each place will award players with extra points so that they get more points while giving them the incentive to play longer. Lord of the Rings: R Tolkien. It is a fictional story about a place called Middle Earth where monsters, wizards and men rule the land. There are essentially four different factions that make up the series — Elves, Men, Dwarfs and Arcs.

Sauropod, who was the most evil ruler at that time decided to create a ring that was more powerful than all rings. After a battle between the Men, Elves and the Arcs, Sauropod is defeated and the leader of the men gets corrupted by the ring. He then loses the ring along with his life and after thousands of years, the ring is founded by Smeary. He too gets corrupted while the ring gives unnatural life. He then loses the ring when Bilbo Baggies, a Hobbit finds it. The story is essentially about how his nephew, Fro do and the Fellowship, which includes two men, an Elf, a Dwarf, a wizard and his three friends. They plan to make the long journey to Mordred where they will drop the ring into the mountain and restore peace to Middle Earth.

However, Sauropod is in search of the ring which will bring his soul back to physical form and sets loose upon Middle Earth destruction and chaos. This franchise has grown from strength to strength with big gaming developers, EA Electronic Arts , creating a plethora of video games that added to Tolkien folklore. This can be re-triggered during the bonus game, so you could end up with 20, 30 or even 100 free spins in total, if you were really lucky. The bonus round is free spins in style, but the symbols dont spin. Instead, they reveal themselves like a scratch card. Its 5 reel, 243 Ways video slot, with stacked wilds, free spins, scatters and huge 1,900,000 coin max jackpot! We suggest trying these Microgaming slots.. The Lord of the Rings slot has 5-reels and 243 ways-to-win, with four random-progressive jackpots, a Gollum bonus feature, free spins, wilds, and scatters, and its animations come alive on every spin!

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Lord of the Rings casino game online

New Lord Of The Rings Slot! Rule Them All 3 Bonuses With Retriggers Las Vegas 2018 LOTR Mount Doom!

Lord of the Rings casino game online

The Lord of the Rings

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As the kingdoms of the prouder races humans, elves, and dwarves are being consumed by war, the Shire is still untouched. A wise figure, Gandalf, collects a small band of Hobbits to go on a quest to Mount Doom. One Hobbit, Frodo Baggins, must carry an evil ring to Mount Doom, where he must cast it into a volcano. To do so will destroy the One-Ring, but that ring will try to corrupt Frodo every step of the way. About J. Tolkien Though he is known in the 21st century as a great novelist, J. Tolkien was known in his time as a professor at Oxford University. He wrote the Middle-Earth novels over a period of 30 years. It appeared at times as if he would never publish them, while some of his writings were never published in his lifetime. Tolkien was known among a small group of writers known as "The Inklings", which included C. Lewis, Owen Barfield, and Charles William. For many years, these men would meet to discuss literature, religion, and their own writings.

Lord of the Rings Slots: These are part of the various bonus games throughout a session. Readers should keep in mind that the IGT slot machine is licensed to the billion-dollar movie, with video clips and audio from the original film. Thus, any deviations in the bonus games below are due to the slot machine following the movie version of the tale. When three pictures of the One Ring appear the screen at one time, it activates a bonus round. One of 8 different bonus games is unlocked. Lord of the Rings Slots does not work like other bonus rounds. Most other IGT video slots have a wheel mechanism which funnels players to different bonus games. A combination of three scatter symbols which are represented by the Ring will unlock a bonus round. In this particular game, players have the chance to play in 8 different bonus games which gives them the chance to earn points free of cost. The bonus round feature in the Lord of the Rings slots makes this game fun and enjoyable while players are trying to win money.

This bonus rounds are unlocked based on the different miles that the player has completed. This is because the storyline is in sync with the game where Fro do must travel with the Fellowship till he destroys the ring. In this game the players are taken to different parts of Middle Earth. Each area that they reach is a bonus round and it starts from Hobbit ton and ends at Amen Hen. This is the last place which the fellowship reaches. Players will have to constantly play the game to increase the amount of miles so that they can unlock the bonus round feature. And of course, brave Frodo. Lord of the Rings slot can also become your favourite one like the epic movie it is based on. With four progressive jackpots this slot has enough to make your adventure unforgettable. Play this fabulous slot game with the best Microgaming online casinos presented.

Play to win and get another chance to join the Fellowship of the Ring. Just choose the online casino you want to play and click Download button. Then open saved file and follow the instructions to create a casino account. Lord of the Rings is a progressive slot so you can play for Real Money only when register an account with some Microgaming casino. If you are not sure that you are ready to deposit your money, you can start playing with no deposit bonuses. Thus, you will try and appreciate all the features presented with the slot and spend nothing. To take advantage of the bonuses offered, you need to create a Real Money account. Make sure to indicate your name, email, age, phone number correctly. Several payment options will be offered to you to deposit. Sometimes the minimum deposits required vary depending on the payment method you prefer. Lord of the Rings slot is also available in flash no download format. It means you can just create a casino account and start playing directly through the browser.

Thus, you avoid extra casino software installation on your computer. Every time you want to play your favourite slot you just need to visit the site of the online casino you have chosen and enter your account. The smallest multiplier that can be won when playing this feature is 2X. Although the Free Spins Feature is pretty basic, the presentation makes it appear all the more intriguing. Gollum is another fascinating feature in the Lord of the Rings slot game. Gollum is a little creature who possesses a strong obsession for the ring. He shows up anywhere randomly to create havoc on your reels. However, his mischief is a good thing for players as he hands out a variety of additional goodies when the game is being played.

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