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Australian Government (NT) Scholarships for Nepali students

Australian Government (NT) Scholarships for Nepali students

Australian Government (NT) Scholarships for Nepali students and the Government of Australia’s Northern Territory offer talented international students studying there Study in Australian Government (NT) Scholarships for Nepali students. All international students desiring to pursue a degree in Australia are currently eligible to apply for the scholarship program.

Australian Government scholarships

The Australian Government provides funding for the esteemed worldwide awards and fellowships known as the Australia Awards Scholarships. They encourage foreign students to attend university in Australia’s Northern Territory. The Australia Awards Scholarships encourage effective government, burgeoning economies, and human development in Australia’s associate nations. Visit the Australian Government website for more details about the Australia Awards Scholarships.

Charles Darwin University scholarships

International students interested in attending school in the Northern Territory can choose from a variety of scholarships offered by Charles Darwin University.

Who Can’t Apply

You cannot apply for a scholarship for the higher study if you:

  • work for a federal, state, or territory government,
  • intend to work full-time while pursuing your education,
  • are doing an apprenticeship or traineeship,
  • or have enrolled in an out-of-state program when the course you want to take is available in the NT. This also applies to double degrees, which are offered separately in the NT.
  • obtain a scholarship, bursary, stipend, or financial aid from another source,
    • with the exception of the Australian Government Youth Allowance and the Abstudy
    • one-time merit awards granted in one year or
    • less access and equity grants.
    • Subsidies and awards that are not given to you directly, such as a textbook or housing scholarship.