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QUT Scholarships in Australia For Nepali Students

QUT Scholarships in Australia For Nepali Students

Scholarships for International Students at QUT in Australia in 2023

The university’s top scholarship program for students with exceptional academic success is QUT Scholarships in Australia For Nepali Students.

You have a fantastic opportunity to apply for the QUT Academic Excellence Scholarships for International Students if you wish to study in Australia but need money to do so.
For the academic year 2023–2024, the undergraduate degree coursework is open to eligible applicants who choose to pursue it.

Undergraduate and graduate coursework, graduate diplomas and certificates, and higher degree research courses are all offered by Queensland University of Technology.
The Times Higher Education World University Rankings consistently placed it among Australia’s top 12 universities.

Why attend Queensland University of Technology for your education?
Candidates might investigate alternatives at this university if they are unsure of what they want to accomplish with their degree.
They can consult with career counselors who can aid in choice exploration and information counselors who can assist in gaining access to career information.

Benefits of QUT Scholarships in Australia For Nepali Students


  • scholarships valued at $30,000 each for study in any discipline
  • scholarships valued at $30,000 each for courses in the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering only.

For up to three years ($10,000 each year), these scholarships will be provided as a study stipend of up to $5,000 following the HECS-HELP census date for each semester.

  • scholarships worth $10,000 each for academic study in any field.

For the first four semesters of your course, this scholarship will be paid as a study stipend of $2,500 after the HECS-HELP census date ($5,000 per year).

Other advantages could include:

  • enrollment in the College of Excellence at QUT.
  • access to research possibilities before others

We will give at least 50% of qualified female students who qualify for QUT Excellence Scholarships in STEM to women as part of QUT’s commitment to Women in STEM.

Successful candidates from our Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering will be asked to apply for a position in the Science and Engineering Dean’s Scholars Program beginning in Semester 2, 2023, if they earn a grade point average (GPA) of 6 or above in their first semester.


You must be one of:

  • an Australian or New Zealand citizen
  • a permanent resident
  • the holder of a permanent humanitarian visa

You must also:

  • be graduating Year 12 in 2022 or have graduated Year 12 in 2021
  • be starting university for the first time in 2023
  • have achieved a minimum unadjusted ATAR of 98 or equivalent
  • have placed QUT as your first preference on your QTAC application.
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Scholarships at the University of Adelaide in Australia

University of Adelaide Higher Education Scholarships for International Students in Australia

Scholarships at the University of Adelaide in Australia are one of the popular scholarship programs.

The University of Adelaide is one of Australia’s premier research-focused universities and they will provide the best academic training to excel in your field of study which leads to changing the world.

The university wants to foster an environment where health, safety, and welfare are valued as essential elements of the workplace and are supported by safe work practices, effective governance, training, management structures, and operational strategies.

This grant honors overseas students who are starting undergraduate or graduate degrees and have achieved academic success. A reduction of the tuition charge of between 15 and 30 percent is available to students.

This scholarship recognizes international students who have excelled academically and are beginning undergraduate or graduate degrees. By awarding scholarships in 2022, the University of Adelaide intends to fulfill its commitment to giving overseas students access to higher education.

Eligible Countries

Scholarships are open to citizens of any country like Nepal, or India (except Australia and New Zealand)

Few List of Scholarships in Adelaide

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Scholarship at the University of Melbourne for Nepali Students

Scholarship at the University of Melbourne for Nepali Students

The University of Melbourne offers an $8000 Melbourne National Merit Scholarship at the University of Melbourne to Nepali and International Students to qualified students who relocate to Melbourne from Australia outside of Victoria.

Make the most of it with a Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship if you are in your final year of secondary school and anticipate receiving a good ATAR. Your ATAR was affected by issues you had in high school. Check out Access Melbourne for available scholarships and unique entrance spots. Each year, our residential institutions give out about $6.5 million in financial aid. Or perhaps you’re eligible for a relocation grant to aid with your move.

As you progress through your course, you can win one of the hundreds of rewards that are intended to recognize your effort and success. You can win prizes that will aid in your study focus starting in your first year of undergraduate school all the way through internships and your Ph.D. These awards will enhance your resume more than just helping you while you’re in school.

Scholarship at the University of Melbourne for Nepali Students and International students sends more than 1300 students abroad each year for the semester, year, or short-term intense programs because of the flexibility built into our “Melbourne Model” for international education. Graduate students might apply for funds to conduct research abroad, conduct and publish research, or network with peers at significant conferences.


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Griffith International Student Academic Excellence

Griffith Nepali and International Student Academic Excellence Scholarships in Australia

Griffith International Student Academic Excellence awards for Nepali and International students are proudly announced by Griffith University. High-achieving students who wish to apply for undergraduate and graduate studies at Griffith University are eligible for this grant. Outstanding overseas applicants to Griffith University’s undergraduate and graduate coursework programs are given the International Student Academic Excellence Scholarship. The university is well-rooted in and values its place in the community as a highly regarded institution with a global perspective. Increase your employment opportunities at the university’s reconciliation, education, and engagement by pursuing a double degree.

Why did you decide to attend Griffith University?

With objectives to enhance teaching and learning, research, and engagement, Griffith University is committed to attaining greatness in the workplace.

At Griffith, they foster a culturally aware environment that promotes understanding, instruction, and participation.

A Griffith scholarship, which is available to undergraduate, postgraduate, research, and route students, can dramatically lower the cost of education by helping to pay for costs like tuition and living expenses, among other things. What’s best? You won’t even need to apply for many overseas scholarships. Our scholarships honor deserving individuals with a strong academic record and the ability to improve Griffith—and our community—by providing a variety of opportunities year-round.