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Erasmus Scholarships for Nepali Students

Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Programmes

Erasmus Scholarships for International Students 2022 -2023

Applicant profile

Any higher education institution (HEI) founded in a nation that qualifies may apply. The applicant submits the application on behalf of a consortium that consists of other HEIs. If accepted, the proposal must outline a combined study program that is fully established, accredited, and ready to launch.

About Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters

Erasmus Scholarships for Nepali Students Joint Masters are master’s level, high-level, integrated study programs. A global alliance of universities collaborates on its development and delivery. An EMJM consists of at least three HEIs from three distinct nations, at least two of which must be EU Member States or other nations participating in the Program (previously called Programme Countries). Furthermore, other educational and/or non-educational partners with specialized knowledge and interest in the field of study may be included in an Erasmus Scholarships for Nepali Students study program. Both the operation of these programs and the provision of competitive scholarships to the top students globally are funded by the EU.

Duration: 6 academic years, covering at least 4 editions of the master’s program

Grant per project: up to €5 million

EU scholarship for individuals: €1,400 per month (max. 24 months)