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Fully Funded Scholarship at the University of Oxford UK

Fully Funded Scholarship in University of Oxford UK

Exciting new things start when various people come together in a shared spirit. The Fully Funded Scholarship in University of Oxford UK Rhodes Scholarship offers a chance of a lifetime to study at Oxford University with exceptional young people from all across the world like Nepal.

The Rhodes Scholarship allows gifted young people from all over the world to study at the University of Oxford on a full-time, fully supported basis. Although applying for the Scholarship is difficult, it has been a success-enhancing experience for many young people over the years. Applications from talented students in Nepal and worldwide are encouraged. Most full-time postgraduate programs at Oxford University are open to Rhodes Scholars who are in the country for two or more years.

Benefits of Fully Funded Scholarship in University of Oxford UK

The Rhodes Scholarship offers both a salary per year and pays the cost of tuition at Oxford University. The stipend for the academic year 2021/22 is £17,310 ($1,442.50) each year, which Scholars use to cover all living costs, including housing. Please be aware that this does not provide coverage for partners or dependents.

The detailed Conditions of Tenure document outlines permitted degree combinations and the number of years of study that are covered by the Scholarship, as the latter depends on the course of study chosen. For instance, Scholars who choose to pursue a DPhil (PhD) at Oxford may be eligible for up to three years of fees and stipend.

The Rhodes Trust will pay the application fee for students who are awarded the Scholarship and wish to enroll in University of Oxford courses. The Trust will cover the expense for a student visa and the associated International Health Surcharge (IHS), which enables international students to use the UK’s National Health Service.

The Rhodes Trust will pay for two roundtrip flights in economy from and to the UK for the start and finish of the student’s time at Oxford. Scholars are given a settling-in allowance when they arrive at Oxford, and if they decide to switch to the second year of study there, they will once more receive financial aid to cover the cost of their visa renewal and subsequent IHS application.