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Scholarships for Developing Countries

Scholarships for Developing Countries

Scholarships for developing countries are financial rewards that are offered to students from a certain region or country. These prizes are commonly utilized to provide educational opportunities to persons who would otherwise not have access to higher education. Scholarships are often granted by colleges, governments, and private groups.
Scholarships can cover the full cost of education, or they may be only partial, covering certain fees. Students who receive scholarships may also have access to opportunities for research, internships, and other academic interests.

List of Scholarships for Developing Countries

  1. Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program: This scholarship is for African students to help them access education at universities around the world.
  2. Commonwealth Scholarships: The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission provides funding for students from lower-income nations to study in the UK.
  3. Chevening awards: The Chevening award provide funding for postgraduate studies to citizens of developing countries.
  4. African Union – African Development Bank Scholarship Program: This is for African students to pursue studies at universities around the world.
  5. Global Development Learning Network Grant: This Grant is available to help students from developing countries pursue an education in sustainable development.
  6. Fullbright award: The US-based Fullbright awards provide funding to students from developing countries to pursue postgraduate studies in the US.
  7. Aga Khan Foundation award: This Foundation helps students from developing countries access higher education by providing grants for universities worldwide.

How to apply

  1. Research and Identify Scholarships
  2. Complete the Eligibility Requirements
  3. Gather Necessary Documentation:
  4. Complete the Application
  5. Follow Up


Depending on the country and the scholarship program, there are many types of scholarships for developing nations.
Scholarships from developing nations provide a great opportunity for those with a passion for learning and achieving academic excellence. To qualify for scholarships, applicants must be citizens of the nation, demonstrate financial need, and have a strong academic record.
Some scholarships also require applicants to demonstrate involvement in community activities and a desire to serve the community. Furthermore, some scholarships might have age or gender requirements for applicants.