BSc. (Hons) Computer Systems Engineering

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BSc. (Hons) Computer Systems Engineering

BSc (Hons) Computer Systems Engineering is a 3 to 4 years four-semester full-time graduate to postgraduate program available in both annual and semester systems in different countries like Nepal, India, and Abroad. You can find the list of best colleges and universities in the detail section of the website page. BSc (Hons) Computer Systems Engineering is its full name. The program focuses on teaching managerial and entrepreneurial skills to students from many academic disciplines, including science, commerce, and arts. The program opens up a wide range of employment possibilities in a variety of industries, including government and private.

Major subjects in BSc Computer Systems Engineering

Major subjects in BSc Computer Systems Engineering are programming languages, introducing you to information systems, computer software and hardware technologies, implementation of databases, and developing your further understanding of application development at the final level. The curriculum is updated annually as business requirements evolve. Students who enroll in the course have the opportunity to organize activities and are also encouraged to put new concepts into practice. Students might also work for event management firms to experience the industry firsthand. This enables them to acquire practical experience.

Entry Requirement BSc Computer Systems Engineering (Hons)

Students have to pass with at least 51% marks in 10 + 2 with Maths, management, and commerce from reputed colleges.

Job Opportunities and Salaries in BSc Computer Systems Engineering

After completing a BSc in Computer Systems Engineering they can work as Hardware Engineer, Software Engineer, Network Engineer, Programmers,eCommerce developers, or Data Analyst in different Banks, Financial Institute, and Software companies.

The salary starts from NRs.40000 to 60000 as a fresher.

Additional information

College International School of Management and Technology (ISMT)
Country Nepal & Abroad
Courses Information Technology
Duration Three Year
Fee Range Greater than 5 Lakh
Study Mode Full Time
Subject Information Technology
University ISMT UK